OnCall Scheduling

View Live, up-to-the-minute calendars of who is on-call in any department, at any time.

  • Ditch the white boards and printed calendars
  • Optimize workflows for your care setting
  • Promote visibility to outside organizations
Call Center Automation

Scheduling You Can See

92% of physicians, surgeons, and medical staff work on-call. Give your care team the agility to view, adjust, and share on-call schedules directly from their smartphone device. Put the resources your team members need directly in their hands.

Automatic Call Routing

Enhance the power of QliqSOFT’s industry-leading secure messaging platform so you never miss a call.

  • Direct incoming calls to anyone on call via round-robin
  • Transcribe voicemails into instantly accessible, secure, Qliq messages
  • Promote one number to the communities you serve

Real-Time Schedules

Managing sudden staff and schedule changes is a breeze! Simply make the change and close the app. Other members of the care team will see the change on their device when they go to view their on-call schedule.

  • Observe schedule changes in real-time
  • No need to resend schedules, update and go
  • Access the schedule from your smartphone or desktop

Instant Access to Staff

At a quick glance, see who is currently on-call and quickly message them. Wondering if they read your message? Remove that worry with our read receipt feature.

  • Message on-call staff instantly
  • Enable read receipts for timely care
  • Need to reach a large group? Try the broadcast message feature

Call Center Integration

Harness the full power of our on-call scheduling software and integrate your call center! Streamline and optimize workflows based on the availability of your staff.

  • Route calls/messages to on-call staff only
  • Manage call-routing based on location
  • Personalize to best fit your care setting

Shared Calendars

Secure messaging users aren’t the only ones who can access your live on-call schedules. Easily generate a link to share with any outside partners.

  • Generate a link to share with external partners
  • The link is live, so it reflects all changes
  • Eliminate printing, emailing, and faxing on-call schedules
Healthcare professional using a tablet

HIPAA-Compliant and User Friendly

Connect your team with a solution that healthcare organizations are hailing as transformative and error-reducing.

Through a user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant scheduling platform, QliqSOFT’s straightforward interface allows for precise and clear scheduling. This On-Call Scheduling software can keep up with the fast-paced environment that encapsulates healthcare organizations.

Eliminate the confusion of who the right point of contact is, reach team members in an immediate fashion with instant messaging, and distribute schedules among team members, departments, organizations, and external partners. On-Call Scheduling is simplifying the headache of keeping personnel calendars coordinated.

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