Healthcare Referral Management & Leakage Prevention

AI-Driven Tools to Drive Effective Referral Management

Referral leakage may account for $78-97 Million dollars in revenue loss per year for most health systems. Instant referral management can transform that leakage into keepage.

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The QliqSOFT Referral management solution marries a back-end state-of-the-art digital healthcare referral management system with our front-end Quincy healthcare chatbot platform. Let us show you how with a live comprehensive demo.

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Reshaping Healthcare

Features that Keep Healthcare Moving

  • EHR integration eliminating double work and data entry
  • Real-time seamlessly integrated scheduling across disparate EHR technologies
  • Detailed referral data and analytics
  • Real-time referral and appointment status
  • Ability to close the referral loop and communicate with referring partners
  • Patient-facing, app-less,  referral management tools

Referral Leakage In The ER

Nearly 7 out of 10 ER discharges include a referral. This creates numerous opportunities for patients to slip through the cracks of the current healthcare ecosystem, leading to poor outcomes, lower satisfaction, and market loss from patient leakage.

Stop The Leaks

The Patient Journey is Hard Enough.

Patients delay and miss appointments more than ever. And while provider networks are trying to work together, they still remain disconnected. Our integrated solution makes care coordination  easy and provides patients an improved navigation experience including:

  • Higher patient show rates
  • Fewer readmissions
  • Positive patient satisfaction trends
  • Quantifiable meaningful growth worth quantifying
  • Move 30%+ volume to self-service reducing calls taken in call center
  • Leverage in payer negotiations

With a frictionless Quincy healthcare chatbot front-end, patients experience true care network collaboration via seamless, fluid interactions.

Get New Patients and Keep The Ones You Have.

Significantly reduce overall leakage in your care delivery ecosystem with one simple and seamless care coordination and engagement solution. Robust, real-time, data analytics reveal opportunities to bridge the gap between inpatient and outpatient services and keep patients on track across the care continuum.  Improving access and follow-through results in measurable ROI. Let us show you your potential total annual referral volume and revenue opportunity.

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Watch our panel of experts in this webinar as we discussed how patient self-scheduling using AI-driven chatbots can reduce no-shows, improve outcomes, and improve your referral management program.

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What customers say about qliqSOFT

Strongly Recommended

During these very trying times, Hospice of CNY & of the Finger Lakes is still out serving the most vulnerable patients in Upstate New York. We needed a way to protect patients and staff while providing this care so we reached out to our secure communication vendor QliqSOFT. After an immediate reply, we were set up with a free trial and training. I would strongly recommend this virtual visit to other companies.

Marie Popps

Director of IT, Hospice of CNY & Finger Lakes

Solutions that Scale

We are pleased to offer this solution to help healthcare providers manage the influx of patient inquiries more effectively while reducing unnecessary physical interaction between clinical staff and patients.

Boyd Douglas

President & CEO, CPSI

A Product That Works

We found QliqSOFT's Virtual Visits to be extremely simple for both patients and providers. Offices were setup in minutes and within a week we had 45 providers in 15 different practices successfully seeing patients virtually with little to no issues. Even providers with little love for technology are adopting it quickly. Thank you QliqSOFT for the support and for a product that works!

Stephen Smesny

CIO of Meadows Regional Medical Center

Quick Deployment

When we needed to urgently deploy a telehealth solution for our care providers, QliqSOFT was able to get it done quickly and without consuming our internal resources. This is helping SGMC to provide the quality care that people have come to expect.

Bob Foster

SVP and CIO/HIPAA Security Officer, SGMC

Reshaping Healthcare

We need to be able to take care of patients' needs and adhere to all appropriate infection control practices, which at this time means limiting physical interaction. With QliqSOFT, this was extremely easy, if you can take a picture on a device and have an internet connection, you can be seen by one of our providers. There is no telling how this software will reshape our clinical practices moving forward, it helped jump-start us into virtual medicine and the modern era.

Colt Hatcher

Director of Rural Health Clinics, GW Healthcare

No App, No Barrier

This has really helped us during COVID-19 and is user-friendly for my geriatric patients. I would highly recommend the platform for anyone looking for a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine video conferencing tool.

Aruna Koney, MD

Internal Medicine, Dallas, TX

Intuitive Platform

Rolling out virtual visits at SGMC was not an IT-heavy project, the platform is intuitive and does not require logins or downloads so it has made my job easier!

Derrick Clement

IT Communications Technician, SGMC

An Instant Hit

Video Visits through other solutions are complicated, patients need to login to the portal and download the app. QliqSOFT made it simple. I just need to send a text and the patient joins the video visit securely - no login, no app.

Anna Zouhary, MD

Internal Medicine Associates, P.C.