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Effectively Communicate with HCPs and Patients Instantly

QliqSOFT’s digital engagement solutions help overcome challenges such as medication adherence, patient program enrollment, physician education, and detailing through secure texting, chatbots, and telehealth.

  • Boost Program Enrollment & Compliance
  • Reach “Unreachable” Providers and Patients
  • Deliver Non-Intrusive Messages that Resonate
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Engaging the Unreachable Physician or Patient

Medication non-adherence costs lives. Each year, it gets harder and harder to keep physicians informed about new products and effective treatments. QliqSOFT helps you solve both problems with non-intrusive, HIPAA-compliant communications. Our versatile platform enables real-time, one on one chats and video calls as well as automated healthcare chatbots. The result is a seamless engagement tool for reaching your audience wherever they are—even those unreachable physicians. Replace phone calls with an experience both physicians and patients love.

AI-Driven, Modular HIPAA
Compliant Platform

With QliqSOFT, communication is easy, even for your most difficult-to-reach audiences. Our solutions are powered by our proprietary platform that offers flexible modules you can white-label to meet your communications and marketing needs.

Quincy Chatbots

Imagine providing real-time education to physicians and consumers at the moment they need it most. That is the power of our Quincy Healthcare chatbots. Quincy leverages powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and the communication medium preferred by most physicians and patients—an SMS-like interface.

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Virtual Visits

This QliqSOFT telehealth solution can also be leveraged for real-time chat escalation to a video call. No more door-to-door or cold calls. Provide the details your customers need and let them come to you when they’re ready for more information.

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HIPAA Compliant Texting

Facilitate real-time clinical communication between your team and providers or patients. No PHI is ever in the cloud and same-day implementation is possible. With signature capture and other features, our Secure Texting platform works seamlessly with our other communication modules to expand your HIPAA-compliant communication possibilities.

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API & Integration

QliqSOFT integration can be as simple or complex as you need. Our robust API library integrates with:

  • Patient/HCP CRMs
  • EHRs
  • Clinical Trial Management
  • HUB Management Syste
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Improving Patient Adherence 

Increase Patient Engagement

Keep patients engaged and reduce cases of non-compliance with automated notifications and reminders. 

Simplify Communication 

Increase patient access to information and keep care plans at the top of mind by leveraging digital interactions such as video calls and conversational chatbots. 

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Doctor talking to his patient with QliqSOFT on his tablet.
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Enhance Omni-Channel Messaging to Reach Your Audience

Traditional marketing has lost effectiveness and privacy concerns make tracking engagement or targeting messages increasingly difficult. With QliqSOFT solutions, you can reach patients and providers with non-intrusive, laser-targeted messaging that resonates. Using QliqSOFT, you can avoid:

  • Missed calls, voicemails, blocked numbers, and other barriers to reaching your audience
  • One-way communication through email, print collateral, and other traditional marketing tactics
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What can QliqSOFT Do For You?

QliqSOFT is a multi-solution platform with products and services that can be used independently or cooperatively for compounding impact.  Our post-acute and remote care customers have leveraged these solutions to delivery care more efficiently, support their remote care staff, and improve the lives of their patients. Check out just a few of the ways your peers are using our products.

A patient in a wheelchair using QliqSOFTs secure texting to stay connected to his doctor.

Streamlining Specialty Prescriptions

Monitor Patient Progress

Monitor patients throughout their care journey and prevent delayed prescription refills by sending patients notifications, step-by-step instructions, and educational materials.

Automate Reminders  

Quincy, the healthcare chatbot seamlessly integrates with patient management systems making it easy to send automated check-ins and refill reminders.

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Boost Program Enrollment

Bridge Treatment Gaps

Chatbots and automated call-backs help patients adhere to treatment plans for reduced cases of non-adherence and non-compliance.

Increase Touchpoints

Deploy video calls, adherence reminders, and digital interaction to increase interaction touch-points for keeping top-of-mind.

QliqSOFT Chat in App
Healthcare professional using a tablet

Reach “Unreachable” Providers and Patients

Bypass Barriers

Skip the waiting room and get straight into their hands—with campaigns that deliver critical messages directly to providers and patients.

Use Fewer Resources

Reduce the need for follow-up phone calls, freeing resources for quality and safety initiatives.

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Deliver Non-Intrusive Messages That Resonate

Improve Brand Experiences

Solving challenges for your audience rather than delivering intrusive messages builds loyalty and leads to a better overall brand experience.

Supplement Marketing Campaigns

Track and capture marketing data in email and chat conversations for better-informed ROI tracking.

QliqSOFT Chat in App
Doctor showing a nurse QliqSOFT secure texting on his tablet.

Delivering Educational Resources

Seamlessly Deliver HCP Guides

Easily deploy HCP treatment guidelines and clinical demonstrations right when they are needed most without interrupting daily workflows. 

Guide Patients Through Enrollment  

Increase patient enrollment in specialized plans and programs by providing easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions remotely with Quincy, the healthcare chatbot. 

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Why QliqSOFT?

More than 1,000 healthcare organizations trust us to provide secure communication solutions. Plus, we’re at your side every step of the way—whether it’s integrating signature capture into your EHR or customizing a chatbot message flow—our KLAS reviewed, and customer-rated support team is here to help.

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