Visit Path

Enhance Post-Acute Care with Visit Path

Visit Path is a real-time, GPS-enabled resource management app designed to address the requirements post-acute care delivery.

  • Log and capture key visit details for EVV reporting
  • Easily identify remote staff nearest to patients
  • Keep your staff safe with in-app distress signaling
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Built with Home Health and Hospice in Mind.

Visit Path enables hospice and home healthcare agencies to know what patient visits field staff are scheduled, have been completed and those currently being conducted, in real-time.

GPS Tracking

Utilize GPS Tracking to monitor your team’s location and identify those team members nearest high priority patients.

Dynamic Dashboard

A convenient dashboard provides real-time visual reporting of staff and patient locations. Review live updates of completed visits, visit durations, schedules, and assigned staff.

Time Clock Reporting

Easily keep track of your team’s hours in the field as well as the length of each individual visit.

Distress Notifications

Keep your nurses safe. Instantly alert admins of safety issues in the field with our discreet distress notification feature.

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One Device, Unlimited Capabilities

No need to carry around multiple devices to get the job done! Our all-in-one platform is all the power you need.

  • Track visits from start to finish on your smartphone or laptop
  • Securely message and send files/photos to other team members or directly to the EHR
  • View and manage all of your appointments for the day

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