Physician OnCall Scheduling Software

Deliver the Best Patient Care with Live, Up-to-the-minute Calendars of Who Is On-call in Any Department, at Any Time.

  • Ditch the time consuming white boards and paper schedules
  • Optimize workflows for your care setting
  • Promote visibility to outside organizations
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Call Center Automation

On-Call Scheduling You Can See

In large healthcare organizations an accurate on-call schedule is vital for workflows and optimal patient care. 92% of physicians, surgeons, and medical staff work on-call. Give your care team the agility to view, adjust, and share on-call schedules directly from their smartphone device. Put the resources your team members need directly in their hands with QliqSOFT’s physician on-call scheduling software.

Automatic Call Routing

Enhance the power of QliqSOFT’s industry-leading secure messaging platform so you never miss a call.

  • Direct incoming calls to anyone on call via round-robin
  • Transcribe voicemails into instantly accessible, secure, Qliq messages
  • Promote one number to the communities you serve

Real-Time, Up To Date, On Call Schedules

Managing sudden staff and on-call schedule changes is a breeze! Simply make the change and close the app. Other members of the care team will see the change on their device when they go to view their on-call schedule.

  • Observe on-call schedule changes in real-time
  • No need to resend on-call schedules, update and go
  • Access the on-call schedule from your smartphone or desktop

Instant Access to Staff

With QliqSOFT's On-call Scheduling Software, providing phenomenal patient care has never been easier. At a quick glance, see which healthcare professionals are currently on-call and quickly message them. Wondering if they read your message? Remove that worry with our read receipt feature.

  • Message on-call staff instantly
  • Enable read receipts for timely patient care
  • Need to reach a large group? Try the broadcast message feature

Call Center Integration

Harness the full power of our on-call scheduling software and integrate your call center! Streamline and optimize workflows based on the availability of your staff.

  • Route calls/messages to on-call staff only
  • Manage call-routing based on location
  • Personalize to best fit your care setting

Shared Calendars

Secure messaging users aren’t the only ones who can access your live on-call schedules. Easily generate a link to share with any outside partners.

  • Generate a link to share with external partners
  • The link is live, so it reflects all changes
  • Eliminate printing, emailing, and faxing on-call schedules
Healthcare professional using a tablet

HIPAA-Compliant and User Friendly

Connect your team with a solution that healthcare organizations are hailing as transformative and error-reducing.

Through a user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant scheduling platform, QliqSOFT’s straightforward interface allows for precise and clear scheduling. This On-Call Scheduling software can keep up with the fast-paced environment that encapsulates healthcare organizations.

Eliminate the confusion of who the right point of contact is, reach team members in an immediate fashion with instant messaging, and distribute on-call physician schedules among team members, departments, organizations, and external partners. On-Call Scheduling is simplifying the headache of keeping personnel calendars coordinated.

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