Secure Texting During COVID-19


July 30, 2020
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The pandemic of COVID-19 is causing a disruption in both personal and professional lives. Individuals are strongly urged to practice social distancing, while businesses are having to adjust business models in order to keep employees and consumers safe. 

This fast-spreading infection has taken a massive toll on the healthcare industry. Hospitals and clinics are flooded with patients and calls about possible symptoms, in addition to this time of the year already being allergy and flu season. The influx of pressure has caused the healthcare system to see a shortage of supplies and bed space. With local, state, and federal regulations and guidelines put into place in an effort to “flatten the curve,” healthcare institutions are still wrestling with the reality of a highly-contagious virus. 

So for healthcare systems that are having to implement ad-hoc telecommuting practices, how can you safely and effectively communicate during a time when employees are so spread out? 

A secure healthcare communication tool like Qliq is built to thrive in this type of telecommuting environment. With HIPAA-compliance in mind, communicating with both colleagues and patients can now be carried out without significant disruption or pause. 

Use as a Collaboration Tool 

Healthcare workers are involved in a highly collaborative system. Doctors, nurses, and support staff are in need to consistently be able to quickly reach desired parties in order to deliver patient care. Qliq’s easy to use interface makes on-the-fly learning easy for employees of all ages and is compatible with both mobile devices and computers -- adding greater remote worker flexibility. With features like one-to-one direct texting, group messaging, and broadcast messages, individuals are just a few clicks away from their team members. 

Fits the BYOD Atmosphere 

When healthcare workers are able to work inside their hospitals, clinics, and offices under normal circumstances, they are most often communicating via their own device. Today, most healthcare institutions operate under the bring your own device (BYOD) policy. There is no error in this thinking, except that most of these intra-office communications happen over an unsecured platform like SMS texting. This is not HIPAA compliant and runs the risk of sensitive information being exposed. 

With Qliq, you don’t have to change your current model by issuing new secured devices like pagers. Instead, you can implement the use of Qliq which fits on nearly any mobile device or computer owned by your team members -- all while remaining encrypted and HIPAA compliant. 

Ability to Share Medium Diverse Information 

Healthcare work is also highly visual, with the need to share photos, charts, and vital documents. Qliq offers the ability for remote workers to quickly and effortlessly disseminate this information with fellow colleagues and corresponding patients. With this ability, healthcare is able to make the full jump into successful telecommuting. With this level of HIPAA compliant technology, remote workers are still able to productively do their jobs. 

Dealing With a Crisis 

No one knows for sure how long the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to halt a sense of normalcy. However, the healthcare system is more than ever in a place of urgency -- still needing to carry out care at a high level. Continuing to piecemeal standard operating procedures together during this quarantine environment will not provide safe and effective care. Real, proven telecommuting solutions are needed now and for the long-term future. Qliq is the tool providing in-office functionality in a suddenly distanced work culture. 

Qliq is your Answer to Healthcare Communication  

QlipSOFT’s platform provides organizations and healthcare providers with a secure, user-friendly application that goes beyond HIPAA complaint minimum standards -- all while providing a practical and effective remote working solution.

Contact us today at (866) 295-0451 about a free demo, or how to start implementing our technology at your health company!  

The Author
Ben Henson

A lifelong communicator, this Tennessee native got his start in broadcast news before branching out into public media, corporate, communications, digital advertising, and integrated marketing. Prior to joining QliqSOFT as the company's first marketing team member, Ben shared his talents with organizations that include the University of Alabama, iHeartMedia, and The Kroger Company.

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