What’s Your Password Management Strategy? Learn Best Practices at HIMSS 2018


February 19, 2018
Picture of password management graphic for HIMSS 2018

Password management for the enterprise can be complex. It’s also often ineffective in decreasing cybersecurity risk. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has long been the authority on password management. For decades, NIST did not make any significant changes, until now. If you are unfamiliar with the new guidelines or want to learn more about how they should impact your password management strategy, then join us at HIMSS.Cybersecurity is always a main topic at HIMSS and in turn so is password management. The new NIST password security guidelines have been set out to simplify and secure passwords better. This is substantially changing many of the standards and best practices with which security experts have been using when forming enterprise policies.

NIST changes overview

These are three of the most significant changes.

  • Removing periodic password change requirements: research has shown that forcing new password changes regularly does not enhance password security but is in fact counterproductive.
  • Dropping the algorithmic complexity: forget the intricacy of uppercase letters, symbols or numbers. As with password changes, research shows this results in worse passwords.
  • Requiring screening of new passwords against lists of commonly used or compromised passwords: this guideline should push users to be a bit more creative.

Join our HIMSS session

To discuss these NIST guideline changes and more, our CEO and Founder, Krishna Kurapati, a cybersecurity expert, will present on the topic during this year’s HIMSS Conference. Krishna will share how these new guidelines can improve network security, while also turning your workforce into an asset, rather than a liability. Attend Rethinking Password Management in 2018 on Tuesday, March 6 from 10:30 to 10:50 AM, at Titian Booth 8600. This session is perfect for CIOs, CTOs and senior IT professionals, who develop enterprise password management strategies. Don’t miss this engaging, candid conversation about what password management should look like in the modern enterprise. You can also test drive QliqSOFT while at HIMSS. Sign up for a quick demo before the show.

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A lifelong communicator, this Tennessee native got his start in broadcast news before branching out into public media, corporate, communications, digital advertising, and integrated marketing. Prior to joining QliqSOFT as the company's first marketing team member, Ben shared his talents with organizations that include the University of Alabama, iHeartMedia, and The Kroger Company.

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