QliqSOFT launches COVID-19 Virtual Patient Communication Kit


March 10, 2020

Technology solution designed to combat the spread of virus and ensure proper care of those impacted.

DALLAS, TX. — March 11, 2020 — To help hospitals and health systems meet the potential patient-surge associated with COVID-19 outbreaks  across the country, QliqSOFT,Inc. is releasing an all-in-one COVID-19 Virtual Patient Communication Kit that provides digital tools for screening and education in line with the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) guidelines.

Each kit includes:

  • AI-driven chatbots for instant engagement
  • Video Conferencing to support telemedicine recommended by the CDC
  • Secure Mobile Messaging
  • Live Care Navigator Escalation
  • Dynamic FAQ library including CDC/WHO resources
  • Virtual deployment via QR Codes, SMS campaigns, or web/portal hosted widget
  • White-labeled to support health system authority through brand awareness
  • Mobile solution with no app download required

The kit allows patients to receive in-home advice and avoid emergency departments or clinics unless their condition warrants in-person care.

The CDC recommends leveraging telemedicine technologies and self-assessment tools as a way to protect patients.

These secure tools allow patients to review science-sourced education from the CDC and World Health Organization and conduct personal risk assessments much like the clinical decision support programs used widely by clinicians today. Even if patients are asymptomatic and have no known exposure risks they’re better positioned with education and community resources.

"Virtual Communication Kits are the best way to combat the spread of virus while caring for the ones who are already infected.” said Krishna Kurapati, CEO and Founder of QliqSOFT, Inc.

Hospitals interested in QliqSOFT’s COVID-19 Virtual Patient Communication Kit should request more information here. Clinical Support Specialists are on standby to get the solution in place for health systems rapidly. 

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