Qliq University: Basics Bootcamp Instructor Interview


April 30, 2019
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Qliq University, an online, interactive, course of webinars officially launched with it’s first class, Basics Bootcamp, on April 26th 2019. QliqSOFT customers from across the country attended to learn more about this exciting new initiative. Basics Bootcamp served as an orientation, detailing the course curriculum, goals, and more. We caught up with Jolean Sheffield, Qliq University Instructor and Director of Customer Success to learn more.

Creating an education forum like Qliq University takes a lot of work, what drove your team to do it?

“As a secure communication vendor, QliqSOFT is constantly seeking ways to serve our current and future customers better. We identified the need to engage our customers more, provide value through industry insight, continue the ongoing education of our user base, and obtain real-time feature feedback. Many vendors address these challenges by sending out surveys or posting a couple of how-to videos. We wanted to do more. Secure communication tools are really all about collaboration, and that’s what we wanted to offer - a secure place for our customers to collaborate with us, each other, and other experts. We recognize that together we can be inspired to reach further, build smarter, and design better solutions.”

How did you determine the course curriculum?

“As we evaluated the topics we could cover we knew there was an opportunity to address real industry concerns, not just provide Band-aid solutions. We developed a course that provides true insight and delivers tools, documentation, project templates, and more. We knew it would be critical to equip attendees with everything they need to tackle regulatory and compliance concerns, operational challenges, and more. Nobody would want to join a call just to hear me rattle on about how great we think our products are. Our customers face real challenges and they deserve real solutions. We don’t have all the answers but we knew that, collectively, we might just get close!”

What are you most excited for attendees to learn?

“We have curated some really interesting content for each of these sessions so there’s plenty of learning opportunities that I could point to, but I think what excites me the most is what we cannot structure and plan — the interaction and feedback from the attendees. We have so many amazing customers that have used Qliq in various ways and I’m excited to see what we can all glean from those experiences.”

How can students engage now that the orientation is over?

“ Orientation was great with a lot of really interesting customers in attendance. However, if someone missed it they can always go back and watch the recording. I think it does a good job of setting expectations. That said, all of our courses are designed to be a la carte, meaning you can register to attend the sessions that interest you the most. Seats are limited so I’m encouraging everyone to take a look at the curriculum and enroll today.”

Can’t people just wait and watch the videos, do they need to attend live?

“I’m really glad we are able to offer the recordings on-demand because life happens and sometimes you miss a meeting. But I do strongly encourage live attendance because that is when the collaboration occurs. Our customers are going to be speaking openly about their challenges and solutions and we want to give them the privacy to do so, for that reason the collaboration component of the sessions may not be included in the recordings.”

If you had to pick one DON’T MISS class - what would it be?

“Oh gosh. The October session where we look at the future of bot technology and conversational AI in healthcare is really exciting, and in November attendees will literally be shaping the future of Qliq by weighing in on our 2020 strategic road map. There’s a use case focused session in the summer as well… I’m not sure I can narrow it down much, I’m excited about each of these courses!”
To learn more about Qliq University and enroll in courses visit us online today at www.qliqsoft.com/qliqu

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