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May 12, 2020

Broadcasting accurate information from healthcare providers

Accurate information can be surpassed by “quick” information in our daily ecosystem of on-demand news cycles and social media. Botcasts and our Quincy Chatbot API are built to send accurate information faster and across a wide spectrum of mediums. With API integration, Botcasts can be deployed rapidly to deliver information securely. 

Information is a vital tool for flattening the curve, and learning about when exposure may occur will be beneficial for future testing purposes. Part of the success of the South Korean COVID-19 response is a combination of text messaging and live video doctor visits. By quickly informing those who may have come into contact with the virus, it can play an integral role in slowing down its spread. In the South Korean example, they alerted the general public about locations where people who tested positive have been, and in certain cases releasing a timeline of their travel. Creating a social distancing bubble, allowing people to change their routes and be better informed of their surroundings. 

Utilizing Botcasts to its full potential is simple with its API integration. By adapting the Quincy API into your existing messaging platform, you can integrate mass SMS technology with secure chat functionality into your existing workspace. Providing SMS delivery ensures that important messages are delivered straight to our most used item, our smartphones.

Any Device, Any Time.

SMS is a great starting point for receiving an emergency notification. At some point, we’ve all encountered a government alert, either being Amber Alerts - or severe weather warnings like those used for tornado warnings here in Dallas. These alerts are increasingly common and can be delivered using smartphones, email, and landline services.

Emergency alerts delivered via SMS can be highly effective. Amber Alerts, for example, 62% of children were successfully recovered within three hours of those AMBER Alerts being issued.

But you don't have to stop at SMS. To reach the broader audience your alert system should be able to trigger email notifications and voice transcribed messages to landlines.

Botcasts combined with QliqSOFT’s Quincy chatbot API are compatible with all three of those services. Even though just 40% of Americans still maintain some form of a landline connection, automatic voice transcription of text messages is made available. Those recorded messages ensure maximum reach of any Botcast.

Botcasts can be deployed using…

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Text to voice messagee via landline

Text messages are used as real-time alerts globally but are generally limited by one or two messages. Further utilization of the Quincy API allows you to have live chats built into your message. A secure link is sent via your initial SMS/email blast in combination with chatbots are utilized to provide the important information first, such as where and when the initial exposure may have occurred. After that, if users continue to have questions, they can be simply transferred to a live agent for further discussion.

Easily Upload Contacts in Groups.

Upload your entire list of contacts with a batch upload with our Quincy API for Botcasts to deliver. If you need to broadcast to your entire organization, you can do so in a few simple clicks. 

All done within minutes, you’ll be ready to distribute your message to thousands of recipients. Or you can target specific individuals or specific groups in your healthcare system.

Implementing our API is a smooth transition built with RESTful API standards for quick integration. We have the backend covered and allow for white labeling of our tools within your EMR or your Resident/Patient Management System to send botcasts seamlessly. Ensuring that you have access to all the resources created by Botcasts, at any time.

Emergency? Consider it Handled.

An outbreak is a huge concern for acute care and post-acute facilities as case numbers fluctuate throughout the United States. Accurate information during emergencies and this active pandemic is essential for providing the next steps for those that are affected. 

Don’t let unexpected situations knock you off of your A-game, stay prepared!

Learn More

Your patients crave timely, accurate information. QliqSOFT's Botcasts provides this information quickly. Connect with our clinical success specialists and see how your organization can quickly integrate Botcasts in your health system! Request a demo today.

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