Electronic Visit Verification for Home Health


July 30, 2020

As a home health service provider, you are concerned with streamlining your organizational processes, enhancing your quality of care, and abiding by all state and federal regulations. An EVV system like Visit Path can help you improve your company from top to bottom. By using a real-time, GPS-enabled post-acute care delivery resource management app, paperwork becomes easier, and patient satisfaction increases. 

Time-Saving and Cost Reducing 

Using an EVV system for home care helps teams maximize their time during and in-between visits, as well as reducing the likelihood of false claims and data errors. Teams have more transparent management and monitoring of service delivery. By digitizing paperwork and the ability to send documents and photos directly to your EMR system, vital information is less likely to fall through the cracks. With better data management, home health services are able to see faster cost reimbursement and a lower audit probability. 

Improved Patient Engagement and Satisfaction 

In 2018, over 90 percent of home health visits took place in rural areas. With Visit Path, locating patients is easier than before. With GPS-tracking, team members can easily locate their next visit and provide the needed care to the patient. With real-time tracking, fewer patient visits are missed/canceled, helping ensure patient care is delivered on time and verifiable by the patient themselves. 

HIPAA, State, & Federal Compliant

Visit Path is 100 percent HIPAA compliant, providing a secure platform that integrates with your EMR system. As both state and federal regulations surround EVV technology, Visit Path is customizable to fit the exact rules and guidelines within your operating state(s). 

Flexible and Reliable 

Visit Path is the industry leader in EVV technology. The platform fits nearly any home health service provider’s needs and business model. From hospice care to physical therapy, implementing a system like Visit Path increases overall efficiency, while helping support team members in their daily care activities. 

Fast Set-Up & Low Maintenance 

Starting Visit Path for your home healthcare service can be done in a matter of days, versus weeks. Once set-up, Visit Path requires no maintenance on your part -- it is a set it and forget it solution to your everyday business.

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