CareChannels Facilitate Value-Based Care

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September 5, 2016
carechannels facilitate value based care|volume to valued based healthcare transition

Value-Based Healthcare is increasing financial risk for healthcare organizations. With the new bundled payment programs, your responsibility no longer ends at patient discharge. Hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and home health organizations can no longer be loosely aligned to succeed.Hospitals frequently lose track of a patient’s recovery after discharge because they are loosely aligned with skilled nursing facilities and home health nurses. These healthcare organizations have no easy way to collaborate with doctors to report patient issues. The key to success with Value-Based Care is to improve alignment and collaboration with your clinicians and healthcare partners.

volume to valued based healthcare transition

This is where CareChannels by QliqSOFT can play a significant role. As a patient-centric message exchange, CareChannels links the entire care team throughout a single episode of care. Whether between departments inside the admitting hospital or between a surgeon and a home health provider, everyone can communicate effectively and efficiently with a single patient. This ensures consistent quality of care by preventing errors and reducing readmissions. Adapting to a Value-Based Care model requires many healthcare organizations to rethink how they treat and manage patients completely. This change will increase efficiency in patient care during transitions and reduce poor patient outcomes and readmissions which will lead to success with bundled payments. CareChannels offers a key to unlocking hospital success with Value-Based Care models. Want to learn more about how CareChannels eases the transitions from Volume to Value-based care?

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