Web App Release Notes

Current Version

May 20, 2024 (Version 1.352.0)

Important Notes for Affected Users

The following products are impacted by this release:

  • Virtual Conversations
  • Quick Forms
  • Patient Chat
  • Automated Care Campaigns
  • Group Settings
  • Self Schedules

The following products are NOT impacted by this release:

  • QliqCONNECT for Mac
  • QliqCONNECT for Windows
  • QliqCONNECT for iPhone/iPad
  • QliqCONNECT for Android
  • QliqDIRECT
  • QliqSTOR
  • QliqCHAT for Mac
  • QliqCHAT for Windows
  • QliqCHAT for iOS
  • QliqCHAT for Android

What's New

  1. Added a new appointment status 'No Show Likely' to Appointments in Self Scheduler.
  2. Added the last message received field to member export CSV.


  1. When reviewing message sequences in Campaign Message Sequences list is now sorted based on created time.
  2. When copying quick forms, it now automatically includes the webhook mapping.

Bug Fixes

  1. Virtual conversations now scroll to the bottom, regardless of screen size and resolution.
  2. Users can no longer create Quick Forms with the same name.
  3. Background and text color are now saved in FAQs.
  4. Enforce carrier MMS logo rules requiring jpg, gif, png, or jpg formats
  5. In the Monitor Activity Auto-campaign Events Report for campaign events, the default search now includes all auto-campaign events
  6. Users can now hide assignment banners and the banners are not seen by recipients.
  7. In Virtual Visits users cannot select the same person to be both a Primary and Backup Shift Member.
  8. The CSV Export for Chat widget agents now includes column data for 'Can View All Conversation'.

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