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Connect with Your Patients and Provide Continuous Care

Telehealth Platforms and Virtual Visits

Telehealth platforms like Qliq are opening new doors for providers and patients to access, and in doing so, increasing the satisfaction between both parties. Virtual visits bring providers and patients together, eliminating the barriers and limitations of the past, and welcoming in a more effective chapter to healthcare.


Opportunities Opened With Virtual Visits

  • Bring specialist care directly to you patient remotely
  • Improve patient satisfaction by removing mobility constraints
  • Eliminate the geographic barriers of the past
  • Expand into new patient markets and care areas

What is Telehealth?

Read how this technology movement is changing the healthcare ecosystem.

doctor discussing x-ray with patient via telehealth technology

Virtual Visits Improve Care Quality – Wherever The Patient May Be

Shortages of providers in niche specialties, like pediatric dermatology, often results in patients not seeking the care they need. Patients are also impacted when there is limited access to specialists to meet referral requirements, surgical best practices, and more. With Virtual Visits the care of your patients is no longer restricted to their community and the strain on general practitioners can be lifted.

picture of elderly man with ccane

Telehealth Platforms Increase Convenience & Help Improve Patient Satisfaction

Patients have varying degrees of mobility and for those with constraints, even the simplest trip can become a burden. Add to this the rising cost of public transportation and other limiting factors and the bottom line is – patients need access to more convenient care. Leveraging the in-home nature of Virtual Visits connects you to your patients in a way they may not otherwise have been able to.

picture of girl sitting in bed sick and playing in phone

Don’t Let Geography Stand Between You and Your Patients

Whether on vacation or right from home, patients need to be connected to their providers regardless of their physical location. What about patients with communicable diseases? Think chicken pox, flu, or even Ebola. What happens when travel is discouraged? Virtual Visits can bridge this gap and keep you connected with your patients on their road to recovery. It’s an infection control specialists dream come true. The implications for population health are limitless.

Expand your reach

Virtual Visits Widen Provider Networks and Increase Patient Resources

Virtual visit technology can also allow providers to reach patients that previously were deemed “out of range.” Whether these patients are geographically distant or seeking more convenient alternatives, providers are able to extend services to patients in all areas of the world. Subsequently, patients will be introduced to more resources and options with virtual visits. A telehealth platform gives patients access to physicians, medical records, diagnoses, medication instructions, scheduling, and more – at the tap of a fingertip.

Features Built for Telehealth

Patient-Driven Scheduling

Pick from time slots that are convenient for both patient and physician.

Pre-Visit Symptom Survey

Details of patient symptoms can be provided prior to the scheduled visit.

Physician Confirmation

Physicians can confirm their availability or provide alternative times.

Virtual Waiting Room

Easy-to-read instructions for the patient are displayed while they wait.

2-Way Video Conversation

Patients, physicians, and consulting clinicians can all participate in the visit.

Real-Time Feedback

Patients can provide immediate feedback of their experience at the end of their visit.

Media Archive

A recording of the complete visit is stored directly to the Qliq app.

Upload to EMR

Easily add each virtual visit to the patient record for future review.

Discover Virtual Visits With Qliq’s Telehealth Platform

Our HIPAA compliant telehealth platform is leading the industry in healthcare solutions. Virtual visits are improving job satisfaction and patient experience with flexibility and improvements to care quality.

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