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Reduce Abandonment and Improve Medication Adherence

Because specialty drugs are highly complex, these costly prescription medications require additional services ─ special handling, storage, and delivery requirements, multi-step therapy trials, administration (typically injection or infusion), and high-touch patient care management services such as clinical monitoring.

  • Reduce pharmacy team time on the phone
  • Provide convenient self-service options
  • Increase patient satisfaction and engagement
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Your pharmacy team teamed with Quincy can be a key contributor to successfully guiding the patient through this journey.  Today, pharmacy teams are overwhelmed by the multitude of manual and telephonic administration and compliance duties driven by legacy workflows which prevent them from the top of license work they could be doing working with patients.  

Quincy can provide a convenient, concierge-like experience to patients AND provide significant administrative relief to your pharmacy team.

Automate Outreach

Automatically trigger proactive outreach to:

  • Send renewal reminders and enable patients to easily request refills
  • Provide needed education
  • Measure patient satisfaction
  • and more

Digital Front Door

Enable convenient self-service with a digital front door option for patients.

  • Reduce inbound phone calls
  • Seamlessly flow between secure chat, phone, and virtual visits
  • Collect patient data through custom self-service forms
  • Collect patient copays

Two-Way Secure Messaging

Communicate with patients using convenient, bidirectional, secure messages

  • Reduce phone tag
  • Streamline communication
  • Speed turnaround time
  • Improve HCP and patient satisfaction
Doctor showing a nurse QliqSOFT secure texting on his tablet.

Supplement Your Staff with Chatbots

The majority of pharmacy administrators reported turnover rates of at least 21 percent during 2021, with one in 10 saying that they had lost 41 percent or more of their technicians leading to dayslong waits for medication, shortened pharmacy hours and some prescription errors.

  • Revenue
  • Patient Case Automation
  • Patient Engagement
  • Top of License Practice

Explore Real-World Use Cases

Medication Adherence

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Self-Service Options

Enhance the patient experience offering easy 24/7 online tools that provide abilities to request a prescription refill, upload an updated insurance card, or conduct an on-demand virtual visit to address problems such as side effects.

Patient Campaigns

Create and disseminate awareness campaigns via a custom chatbot to target groups for refill notifications and reminders and to capture both the request and the need to probe or escalate the patient’s reason or inaction for nonadherence.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Schedule regular patient check-ins and escalate non-completed questions requiring answers to the appropriate pharmacist for follow up.

Optimize Delivery

Integrate pharmacy distribution with delivery companies. Support remote package special handling and customer service requirements.

Signature Capture

Capture digital signatures. Patients, providers, and pharmacists can electronically sign important documents when needed and avoid slowing down drug distribution.

Pharmacy Integration

Integrate to the organization’s pharmacy system. Extend your patient outreach further automating routine outbound communications.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Stay in close contact with patients during treatment soliciting feedback to fast-track addressing concerns or questions.

Patient Education

Share downloadable hyperlinks to helpful education resources, content and videos to supplement and reinforce staff-provided care and medication education to drive patient adherence and overall health.

Rapid Responses

Deploy chatbots to respond to a patient’s questions concerning therapy onboarding, prescription refills, etc., at all hours of the day or night.

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