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Accelerating Time
to Therapy

The specialty pharmacy process is rife with hurdles delaying therapy: satisfying detailed insurance requirements, planning for patient cost sharing, and program onboarding, all delivered by outdated enrollment modes.

Eliminate phone tag.  Quincy optimizes key points along the patient journey with digital automation and AI-powered chatbots helping hub services organizations speed throughput and shorten time to initiate critically needed medications.

  • Initiating patient engagement early
  • Reducing provider burden
  • Speeding prior authorization
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Automate Outreach

Reduce pharmacy team outbound calls by automatically triggering proactive outreach to:

  • Enable recipients to easily close gaps in patient or HCP-provided data
  • Onboard patients
  • Provide needed education
  • Measure patient satisfaction

Digital Front Door

Enable convenient self-service with a digital front door option for HCPs and patients.

  • Reduce inbound phone calls
  • Seamlessly flow between secure chat, phone, and virtual visits
  • Collect patient data through custom self-service forms
  • Provide access to copay assistance programs

Two-Way Secure Messaging

Communicate with HCP staff or patients using convenient, bidirectional, secure messages.

  • Reduce phone tag
  • Streamline communication
  • Speed turnaround time
  • Improve HCP Satisfaction

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Increase Your Revenue by Shortening Time to Therapy

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Physician Signatures

Launch the Chatbot

Patient Consent

Launch the Chatbot

Outcomes that Matter


  • Speed patient enrollment and time to therapy by closing gaps in needed information
  • Reduce therapy abandonment by increasing copay program participation

Streamline the
Patient Journey

  • Divert inbound calls to convenient self-service
  • Proactive outreach for patient consent and program enrollment

Patient Engagement

  • Assistance navigating the specialty medication process 
  • Proactive communication and education 
  • Convenient self-service

Reduce Provider Burden

  • Support convenient self-service options
  • Enable secure messaging

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