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QliqSOFT’s unique and secure messaging platform offers a wide range of industry-specific solutions for healthcare professionals. Find information and resources on the pages below.


From pre-admission to post-discharge, secure texting allows for safe, quick, and effective communication between care team members, patients, and caregivers. And with our KLAS-rated customer support, roll-out and adoption is a breeze. Learn more about our secure messaging solutions for healthcare.


You know the need for secure, reliable, patient communication is growing. We know we have the holistic solution you’ve been searching for. Share clinical documentation with patients and peers and communicate in real-time. Learn more about Qliq secure texting for patient communication.


Imagine a glucometer that can remind patients to perform a blood test, watch their diets, and communicate with their care managers. Harnessing the power of QliqSOFT and Bluetooth-enabled medical devices, patients can participate in real-time results sharing with their medical providers. Keep reading about managing chronic care patients more effectively.


OnCall Scheduling from QliqSOFT allows your team to quickly view a live, up-to-the-second calendar of who is on call in any department, at any time, right from their smartphone, computer or web browser. Check out this must-have feature.


Out with the old. Two-way communication is the future of healthcare messaging. Qliq is a patient-centric secure texting platform that easily replaces your existing pager system without sacrificing convenience, reliability, or HIPAA compliance. Learn more.


Snap & Fax is a new clinical collaboration solution that allows you to integrate faxing into a mobile workflow. Create and fax patient documents directly from the Qliq secure texting app. Learn more about how this could work for your organization.


With Qliq Snap & Sign, your care team members can easily create, sign, and share PDFs, right from the Qliq App. No more races to track down physicians for signature in order to move forward with discharges and authorizations. Keep reading to see this feature in action.


Turn your smartphone into a HIPAA Camera with the Qliq secure texting app. The clinical benefits are enormous and immediate. Users can take pictures of wounds, rashes, and patient documents, and quickly upload to the EMR patient record or share with clinical colleagues. See how useful this feature could be for you.


QliqSOFT Virtual Visits brings telehealth solutions directly to you and your patients. Eliminate the barriers and limitations of the past and open up to new opportunities. As part of our commitment to delivering patient-centered technology, we offer virtual visits with both patient and provider in mind. Find out more about how to connect with your patients virtually.


Easily transform patient care from volume to value with patient-centric message exchanges. Our platform seeks to bridge the gap in value-based care by eliminating healthcare silos and creating a continuous communication link among care team members between transitions of care and across organizational boundaries. Learn more.


With QliqSOFT’s CareChannels, care team members collaborate on questions, ideas and feedback through patient-focused group messaging from their personal smartphones or desktop computers. CareChannels automate and simplify this clinical communication even as the care team changes from admission, inpatient treatment, discharge to home care. Learn more or request a demo.


QliqSOFT provides continued care coordination during disasters. Emergency preparedness plans should include a reliable disaster communication tool. Even when disaster strikes, Qliq secure texting keeps going strong, ensuring continued collaborative care. See how it works.

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