HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging for Android & Galaxy

In today’s world, it feels like anything could happen to your information. Secure messaging apps are on the rise because of people trying to keep personal data out of harm’s way.

For health care teams, having a secure texting solution available for Android is imperative, now more than ever.

Thankfully, there is an easy solution. With Qliq, you can protect your patients and providers from large-scale data breaches and unauthorized data collection. Qliq makes your Android phone a totally secure place to communicate with patients and colleagues, all while being fully HIPAA compliant.

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Many apps that advertise encryption and secure messaging services are not suitable for healthcare. Qliq takes the extra step to ensure healthcare providers are able to message securely while also meeting strict legal requirements surrounding sharing patient information.

Encryption is only the beginning when it comes to protecting your patients’ PHI and complying with HIPAA requirements for texting solutions.


HIPPAA Compliant Messaging App for Across Multiple Devices

Why Qliq is the Most Secure Messaging App

Qliq not only meets HIPAA security requirements — it exceeds them. Our list of security features is longer and more comprehensive than other secure messaging solutions.

Our world-class security features include but are not limited to:

  • A time-stamped messaging archive, accessible only behind your personal firewall
  • Public/private key message encryption to ensure messages are seen only by intended users
  • Cloud pass-thru technology to prevent messages from being stored in the cloud
  • Strong user authentication requirements with comprehensive access logs
  • The ability to remotely lock or wipe data on devices that are lost or missing
  • Totally HIPAA-compliant file transfers and document processing

Need to see it for yourself? Request a demo to try our application and get all of your security questions answered by a member of our team.


Where is Information Stored in Qliq?

Let’s start with where it is not. With Qliq Secure Texting, your protected health information (PHI) is never stored in the Cloud. We use a messaging architecture called “cloud pass-thru” where messages travel directly from one user to another.

The messages pass through the qliqCONNECT servers in the cloud on the way to the recipient, never being stored or decrypted there.

So where are your messages stored? They live behind your own firewall in the qliqSOFT archive. We cannot access or decrypt them, even if we wanted to.


8 Android Texting Apps that are not HIPAA Compliant

Not all messaging apps are created equal. If you are using regular SMS texting or another messaging platform to send private information, your messages are at risk of being accessed without your consent, and your organization could be subject to a very hefty HIPAA fine.

The following apps are not HIPAA-compliant and are not secure solutions for sending protected information.

  1. WhatsApp
  2. Telegram
  3. Viber
  4. Signal
  5. Threema
  6. KakaoTalk
  7. Facebook Messenger
  8. Silence


Secure Texting App Comparison


Many of these apps are heavily encrypted and offer some security for personal use, but HIPAA regulations for healthcare go far beyond this in order to be considered fully compliant.

Qliq’s security surpasses these messaging apps, but it also includes several specific features that allow it to be used by healthcare providers, such as user authentication and comprehensive access logs.