HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging for Hospitals

HIPAA laws are strict federal requirements that regulate how hospitals and healthcare professionals must communicate when dealing with patients’ protected health information (PHI). QliqSOFT understands providers’ unique needs to communicate quickly while adhering to complicated HIPAA laws.

QliqSOFT applications provide a solution to the healthcare industry’s outdated and insecure messaging tools. Pagers and paper filing systems are inefficient and, when used improperly, can put patients’ sensitive information at risk.

With QliqSOFT’s texting solution, doctors, hospitals and healthcare professionals can communicate with messaging and files easily on their personal devices while remaining organized and totally HIPAA compliant.

What is HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging?

QliqSOFT’s secure messaging solution takes into account HIPAA laws, as well as the technology and security needs of both large and small healthcare operations.

Our platform focuses on providing secure solutions to some of the most prevalent problems in health information sharing. Some solutions we provide include:

  • Secure provider-to-provider and provider-to-patient communication
  • Real-time chronic care management
  • Easy on-call scheduling
  • Pager replacement
  • E-signature for improving document workflows


QliqSOFT Security Features

With QliqSOFT’s secure messaging platform, you can feel safe knowing our app includes:

  • A time-stamped messaging archive, accessible only behind your personal firewall
  • OnCall calendar scheduling for easy employee access to on-call schedules across departments
  • Public/private key message encryption to ensure messages are seen only by intended users
  • Cloud pass-thru technology to prevent messages from being stored in the cloud
  • Strong user authentication requirements with comprehensive access logs
  • The ability to remotely lock or wipe data on devices that are lost or stolen
  • The convenience of using personal devices for messaging in a HIPAA-compliant manner

We take pride in providing the most secure HIPAA compliant text messaging app on the market. Need to see it for yourself? Request a demo to try our application and get all of your security questions answered by a member of our team.


Problems We Solve For Healthcare

Because of its heavy regulations, hospitals and the healthcare industry have traditionally been slow to adopt some of the communication technologies utilized by other industries.

Our solution works alongside regulations, rather than fight them. We developed our application to be totally HIPAA compliant so you can keep healthcare moving without having to worry about security breaches or misuse of information.

We solve a host of problems currently caused by outdated methods of communication, including:

  • The insecurity and risks associated with paper-based care, such as discharge forms and written orders.
  • The one-way communication shared through pagers
  • Restrictive HIPAA regulations that inhibit personal-device communication and BYOD policies
  • Excessive administrative costs to comply with HIPAA


Texting for Hospitals

Virtua Health System Case Study

Virtua is one of New Jersey’s largest, non-profit health systems, providing comprehensive healthcare services. Virtua employs over 9,000 individuals and partners with a network of 1,400 physicians and other clinicians.

Like many hospitals and healthcare systems across the United States, Virtua used a pager system. In this one-way communication, messages were pushed to clinicians by nurses or through Virtua’s call center. However, there was no way of knowing when messages were read or when to expect a callback.


Secure Messaging for Hospitals

Virtua launched the Qliq Secure Messaging platform in 2014 and has been steadily expanding its use ever since. The improvement over its paging system was immediate.

With automatic read receipts, nurses always know in real time when a doctor has received and read a message in Qliq. By using the Message Acknowledgement feature, nurses can also request a formal acknowledgment from doctors. That acknowledgment is saved as part of that history of communication, which exists in the QliqSTOR archive.

The amount and quality of information that can be sent through Qliq increases response time. For example, a cardiac cath team saves precious minutes by knowing ahead of time the age, condition, chief complaint and brief health history of an inbound heart attack patient, so they are better prepared when prepping the ER.

Qliq secure texting has a positive impact on many of Virtua’s quality metrics. Tom Gordon, Senior Vice President and CIO at Virtua, estimates that this solution saves physicians 2,400 hours a week, which translates to more time with patients.

Download Virtua Case Study Here

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Qliq?

Qliq is a real-time HIPAA and HITECH compliant secure texting platform for healthcare providers. It allows the secure exchange of Protected Health Information (PHI) via text messages on smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android, and desktop computers running Windows or Mac. Our cloud pass-thru model ensures that all messages stay encrypted in transit and are only stored on devices managed by an organization. With Qliq, users can securely send images, videos, audio files, PDFs, documents, spreadsheets and other files. We are so secure that users can even recall text messages should users make a mistake in who or what they send. Learn more.

How is Qliq different than competitors?

Qliq surpasses its customers in security, functionality, expertise and availability. Qliq’s Cloud Pass-Thru™ messaging architecture is substantially more secure than our competitors’“client/server” architecture — zero Protected Health Information (PHI) is stored or decrypted on our servers. Backed by two decades of network security experience and knowledge, we designed Qliq to exceed the rigorous security standards required by the healthcare industry. We deliberately avoided using centralized storage of messages and Protected Health Information (PHI). Learn more about how we surpass our competitors in our FAQs.

What if a device is lost or stolen?

Patient information remains protected even if a device is lost or stolen. Qliq will automatically lock itself after a pre-defined (administrator controlled) amount of inactivity or idle time. Additionally, both end-users and administrators can remotely lock and wipe the application data by logging into the administrative dashboard on QliqSOFT’s website.

How is the message archive protected?

With Qliq, the message archive resides on your server and in your control.  The QliqSTOR archive application is installed on your Windows Server which follows your security protocols for restricting access, encrypting data and activity monitoring.  QliqSOFT has no access to your message archive or its data, and you are not dependent on QliqSOFT to access your archive data.  This approach reduces vendor risk caused by storing archive in the Cloud.

What training is available for users?

We offer a QuickStart Guide, video tutorials, FAQ section, customized training, and support. We are also adding various in-app assistance techniques.

Keep reading! Read a detailed list of all of our Frequently Asked Questions here.

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