Qliq Mac App Release Notes

Current Version: 2.84 (Build 786)

Release Date: September 7, 2018
  1. Fixed Contact Sync issues
  2. Fixed Message Status Sync between Desktop App and Mobile Apps
  3. Fixed an issue with App unlock
  4. Fixed issue with erroneous broadcast messages
  5. Fixed sporadic Database corruption issue
  6. Fixed the issue of Care Channel showing as Group Conversation
  7. Fixed issue of archival to multiple QliqSTORs
  8. New Media Tab View for all message attachments
  9. Ability to upload the files to QliqSTOR, EMR from Desktop App
  10. Emoji compatibility with Mobile Apps
  11. Improved logging for better troubleshooting
  12. Fixed issue with sync effecting recall ability

Previous Version: 2.83 (Build 759)

Release Date: November 21, 2017
  1. User Display fixes for high resolution PC & MAC Devices.
  2. OnCall Schedule syncing and displaying incorrectly has been fixed. Issue with past schedules is fixed and now displaying on desktop view.
  3. CareChannels conversations appearing to be duplicated has been resolved. CareChannels tab is fixed and displaying all Care Channel conversations and patients correctly.
  4. Added the ability to upload documents and images to EMR
  5. Added the ability to upload documents and images to QliqSTOR
  6. Improvements to Syncing of Contacts

Previous Version: 2.77 (77)

Release Date: February 1, 2016
  1. Improvement to loading and searching of 10K contacts.
  2. UI changes to make look and feel consistant with iOS app.
  3. View OnCall Physicians.
  4. Improvement to showing contact status information.
  5. Login with principleName or Email to simplify SSO integration.
  6. Bug fixes and platform improvements.

Previous Version: 2.76 (76)

Release Date: July 16, 2015
  1. Fixed occasional attachment download error issue.
  2. Occasional “recipient not a contact” issue is fixed
  3. Sender of a message get’s recipient’s status such as Logged out when sending a message.
  4. Email addresses can now include hyphen. For example [email protected]
  5. Contact Syncing improvements when there are large number of contacts.
  6. Bug fixes and platform improvements.
  7. File name not copied when attachment is being saved to harddrive.
  8. Handling of Non-Ascii characters inside the text.