Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Driving Efficiency With Secure Communication

Foster patient engagement and facilitate clinical collaboration with QliqSOFT’s healthcare communication solutions for outpatient and ambulatory surgery centers . Our customizable, HIPAA-compliant communications platform can capture intake information automatically, connect patients with specialists, help you send sensitive PHI securely, and more.

  • Reduce cancellations and unprepared patients
  • Enable real-time, HIPAA secure communications
  • Improve surgical outcomes and free up resources
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Boosting Outcomes
and the Bottomline

Even a modest decrease in cancellations can lead to substantial cost savings. QliqSOFT helps you communicate with patients before each procedure, making sure they’re prepared every step of the way. During recovery, receive critical messages securely from patients in real-time. This allows for providers to respond quickly to critical nuances such as fever control, infection symptom reports, and medication clarification—preventing more serious complications down the line.

Automate Communication
With AI-Driven Workflows

We know that your remote care teams sometimes work for multiple organizations, and that patients know your logo, not ours. By branding your Qliq tools to look and feel like you, patients immediately trust the interactions and staff can confidently use the right tools at the right time. Choose to use only one, or add on more solutions to expand your communication and engagement capabilities.

Healthcare Chatbots

There is no more intuitive way to reach patients than with a familiar SMS-like conversation using our Quincy Healthcare Chatbots. Customize one of our pre-built templates or design your own with our design studio. Simply send patients a link to get started.

  • Identity checking
  • Preferred language detection
  • Translation service enabled
  • Launch via text, email, or QR code
  • Rich content integrations
  • QuickForms capable of eSignature capture
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Secure Texting

No more chasing down referrals and returning calls and emails! Enable real-time multidisciplinary collaboration at the click of a button with our HIPAA compliant Secure Texting.

  • Multi-party messages
  • No PHI in the cloud (ever!)
  • eSignature capture
  • HIPAA camera
  • Broadcasts and group messaging
  • Priority flags, read receipts and delivery confirmation
  • Caller ID masking
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Virtual Visits

Implement this telemedicine solution alongside your chatbot to enable live agent escalation. Does your pre-op patient have questions about post-care needs? Is your post-op patient showing worrisome symptoms? Leverage live video sharing to facilitate communication.

  • Voice-enabled documentation
  • Virtual waiting room
  • Electronic forms
  • E-Signature & PDF creation
  • Instant or pre-scheduled visits
  • One day implementation
  • No apps to download (for you or patients)
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APIs & Integrations

Our robust API suite makes integration as easy or complex as you need it to be. And we’re here to help every step of the way.

  • Chatbot API
  • Messaging API
  • User Management API
  • HL7/FHIR interface
  • Active Directory (QliqDIRECT)
  • Epic App Orchard
  • Homecare Homebase
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Connecting Patients With Care Teams

So much of what you need your patients to do for a successful experience happens outside of your facility. QliqSOFT helps you stay connected, increasing patient touchpoints and enabling care collaboration among your team and with the patient’s other providers. Built from the ground up for healthcare, our unique approach to PHI means that every communication on every module is HIPAA compliant and secure.

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What You Can Accomplish With QliqSOFT

QliqSOFT solutions can be used independently to meet specific needs or together to maximize their impact. No wonder thousands of healthcare organizations have already found hundreds of ways to improve their operations and patient care. Here are just a few of those applications.

Reduce Cancellations and Unprepared Patients

Pre-Surgery Prep

Remove barriers to successful procedures including forgotten prep and transportation needs with pre-surgery automated chatbot workflows.

Post-Surgery Follow Up

Reinforce post-op instructions and boost compliance with chatbot workflows that escalate to a Virtual Visit based on your criteria. Enable telehealth visits for those first post-op appointments when patients find travel more difficult.

A phone with a notification from QliqSOFTs secure texting

Enable Real-time, HIPAA-Compliant, Secure Communications

Automate Referrals

Set appointment reminders by text or email to remind patients to take action.

Request a Consult

View and message on-call specialists to get what you need, fast.

Streamline Visits

Avoid bottlenecks like missing paperwork or lab results with EHR integrated secure texting.

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Improve Surgical Outcomes

Remote Patient Monitoring

Monitor patients remotely and get the information you need in real-time to improve patient outcomes and the recovery experience.

Automated Follow Up

Patients can complete forms in advance, providers can be flagged with updated lab results upon arrival, and critical messages are triggered automatically.

QliqSOFT Chat in App
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Why QliqSOFT?

Over 1,000 healthcare organizations trust QliqSOFT's HIPAA-compliant patient and provider communication solutions to unify patient engagement, clinical communication, and workflow. Plus, our KLAS reviewed, and customer-rated support team is with you every step of the way—whether it's helping you with integration, chatbot workflows, or any other need. Our customer success team helps get it done quickly and smoothly.

Use Cases For Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Front Door

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Remote Patient Monitoring

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Call Center Automation

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Patient Self Scheduling

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