Key Customer Results

Provide simple, fast, consumer-friendly virtual experiences from intake to discharge to home streamlining routine processes while enhancing patient convenience.

Increase Revenue

Reduced specialty leakage by 20 to 25 cases per quarter

24% increase in clinic revenue

Increased urgent care repeat visits by 15%

27% increase in well-child visits and required immunizations rates

Decrease Costs

32% relative reduction in hospital readmissions

30% reduction in patient intake time

'As if we hired a full-time resource'

Reduce Staff Burnout

Reduced manual outbound result calls from 800 to 150 a Day

Efficiencies enabled physicians to see more patients or to improve their work-life balance

60 hours of recovered staff time each week

Engage More Patients

Net Promoter Score of 80

Patient satisfaction 4.8/5

100% of families appreciated the appointment reminder

What We Do

Augment workflows with integrated Virtual Care capabilities to facilitate high-quality care amidst current staffing challenges


Multi-Lingual Digital Engagement

Quick Forms

Personalized Data
& Signature Capture

Care Campaigns


Secure Texting


Virtual Visits


Implementation in Days to Weeks;
Results Within the First Month

Each SaaS module is designed with simplicity in mind, and our self-serve tools will get you seeing results quickly. We design solutions that grow with you and scale at your pace. Look at what our customers are reporting.

Who We Serve

Hospitals &
Health Systems

Reduce leakage, smooth transitions along the patient journey

Ancillary Service

Securely communicate, coordinate, & accelerate decision making

Group Practices

Maximize patient convenience, automate self-scheduling, and visit readiness

Pharma &
Life Sciences

Drive access, enrollment, education and adherence

Home Health
& Hospice

Streamlines patient care coordination and communication

Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Reduce costs, enhance patient readiness, and automate post-procedure check-ins

Trusted by More than 1,000 Organizations

Not a Live Agent?

[Patients] no longer feel rushed and they had no idea that they were conversing with a chatbot versus a live agent.



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Not a Live Agent?

[Patients] no longer feel rushed and they had no idea that they were conversing with a chatbot versus a live agent.

Frictionless Experience

Patients liked getting the text message. Even though these results were critical to them, they didn’t like being called, particularly the younger patients.

Agile Approach

A four- to six-week project life cycle is how we think in terms of planning and scaling digital technologies to iterate upon our health system’s virtual health environment.

Workforce Relief

Many organizations strive to do things that get to 99%, but if you get 80% of automation or 80% of patients taking on the self-service themselves, you're essentially allowing your workforce to take care of the complex patient.

Custom Solution, Low-IT Lift

We have 122 providers, and they all work in 122 different ways. With QliqSOFT's web-based platform, we could easily customize our chatbots based on location and without hiring expensive IT resources.

Quick and easy to deploy

Offices were setup in minutes and within a week we had 45 providers in 15 different practices successfully seeing patients virtually with little to no issues.

Provider and Patient Friendly

It is provider and patient-friendly. The secure connection allows us to care for our patients via video chat. Our patients can even send us documents with a virtual signature.

The Tools We Needed

Most physicians only needed about 5 minutes of training and we were able to see and serve our patients who could not leave home.

Reshaping Healthcare

[QliqSOFT] helped jump-start us into virtual medicine and the modern era.

Intuitive Platform

The platform is intuitive and does not require logins or downloads so it has made my job easier!

A Big Win

We deployed QliqSOFT’s Virtual Visits because of the simplicity in their design: Two click launch and no app for patients to install. This allowed us to scale the solution rapidly and has been a big win for continuing our hospice care!

Valuable Tool

We chose QliqSOFT based on ease of use and ease of maintenance. Sharing patient information between doctors and nurses securely and real-time over their cell phones has proven to be a very valuable tool for all.


I've ve been impressed with how responsive the QliqSOFT team has been and we continue to find ways to use QliqSOFT in our curbside processes! It’s been a game-changer for us.

A Perfect Fit

After searching for and assessing various messaging platforms, QliqSOFT was a perfect fit.

Solutions that Scale

Help(ed) healthcare providers manage the influx of patient inquiries more effectively while reducing unnecessary physical interaction between clinical staff and patients.

Health Systems


Physician Groups

Home Health / Hospice

Pharma / Life Sciences

EHR Vendors

Ancillary Service Providers

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