A HIPAA-Compliant Alternative to Twilio

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HIPAA-Compliant Alternative to Twilio

When considering an alternative to Twilio for a HIPAA-compliant secure texting application, there are lots of options. Thankfully, QliqSOFT has the most features to help you communicate quickly, easily, and compliantly.

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How do Twilio and QliqSOFT differ?

Twilio and QliqSOFT, while both messaging solutions, serve different purposes in most cases.

Twilio is a developer platform for communication used by apps and businesses to communicate with customers. You can see it at work when you digitally communicate with other users in apps like Airbnb or Lyft, for example.

QliqSOFT, on the other hand, is a fully HIPAA-compliant secure messaging solution for healthcare providers, hospitals and large health systems. Our program allows providers to communicate with patients and colleagues without any legal risk of mishandling Protected Health Information (PHI).

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Is Twilio HIPAA Compliant?

Twilio is not specifically designed for the healthcare industry and, in most cases, it is not a fully HIPAA-compliant solution.

For client-patient relationships or for large health care systems, Twilio will not provide the level of compliance and protection required to send PHI safely and keep you out of legal trouble.

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What Makes Our Security Different

While most secure texting applications offer basic security, QliqSOFT goes beyond the minimum requirements, offering an advantage over other vendors.

In 2017, QliqSOFT earned the second-highest rating (score 89.7) on the KLAS Secure Communications Report over other secure texting solutions.

One way we differentiate ourselves from our competitors is the fact that we never store PHI in the cloud.  

We offer something called “cloud pass-thru technology,” meaning messages will always be stored on YOUR server, not in the cloud. Message archives and active directory data are always stored behind your firewall, with all archive policy under your control. We can’t access them, even if we wanted to.

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Easy, Seamless Adoption

Technology is only useful when it’s used. Our quick integrations and import features will help your organization adopt QliqSOFT with ease.

Our quick, three-step adoption is the most painless process of any other HIPAA-compliant messaging solution. We allow you to import existing credentials for an easy rollout.

QliqSOFT also allows you to assign users and departments to groups. Plus it offers free and easy integrations with your active directory and existing pagers.

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Industry-Specific Messaging Features

Messaging features on secure texting platforms can be similar, with several offering customizable options for sending and receiving. To stand apart, QliqSOFT goes above and beyond to offer unique flagging and urgent notification settings.

Some of our other top messaging features include:

  • Group and broadcast messaging
  • Images, videos and audio capture/sharing
  • Message delivery status (sending, delivered, read)
  • Customizable quick message lists
  • Message priority flags (urgent, ASAP, FYI)
  • Secure messaging to non-users
  • Acknowledgment requesting
  • Message recall for accidents and mistakes
  • File sending for PDF, XLS, DOC and other files
  • Pre- and post-discharge messaging for patients and caregivers

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