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Replace Your Pagers With Secure Texting

According to a HIMSS research study, over 90% of hospitals still rely on pagers to coordinate patient care. Unfortunately, this antiquated technology provides only a one-way means of communication, where nurses must waste precious time […]

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CareChannels Facilitate Value-Based Care

Value-Based Care is increasing financial risk for healthcare organizations. With the new bundled payment programs, your responsibility no longer ends at patient discharge. Hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and home-health organizations can no longer be loosely […]

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Qliq for iPhone – What’s New in Version 2.4.8

A new release of Qliq for iPhone is here. Included in this upgrade are several new features that will aid in clinical collaboration using secure texting across your entire organization. New in this version is […]

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New Windows version of Qliq for Desktop Released

  A new Windows release of Qliq for Desktop is here. Version 2.79 includes several new features that will aid in clinical collaboration across your entire organization. New in this version is the ability to […]

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QliqSOFT Releases CareChannels for Patient-Centric Care Team Collaboration

  Dallas, TX – July 19, 2016: QliqSOFT, inc., a leading provider of secure texting service for healthcare today announced the release of CareChannels, a patient-centric collaboration service to assist in value-based care and bundled […]

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Ease of Access to Qliq Secure Texting

Whether your are an existing user of Qliq Secure Texting, or evaluating secure texting options for your organization, we’ve made it extremely easy for users to quickly and securely access their app without jumping through […]

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How Secure Texting will change patient-doctor relationship

Everyone is using multiple instant messaging apps these days. People around the world are embracing the idea of this quick, and easy way of communication with the health care provider. But, when it is linked […]

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Are Smartphones and Texting Helpful During Ransomware Attacks?

Ransomware is back with a vengeance -this time attacking healthcare facilities who have important patient data which they cannot afford to lose. Hospitals need patient data quickly without which patient care can become difficult or […]

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Introducing OnCall Scheduling from QliqSOFT

Qliq secure mobile messaging offers the OnCall Scheduling add-on feature, which allows doctors and nurses to view who is on-call in any department right from the Qliq app. Key Features of OnCall Scheduling: Instantly message […]

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The Role of Secure Texting in Patient Communication

Healthcare providers of every scale and specialization are all faced with the same challenge of providing patients with the direct communication they now demand while at the same time remaining HIPAA and HITECH compliant. Additionally, […]

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HIPAA Data Breaches: Bad Technology or Bad Training?

As regular readers of the qliqSOFT blog are now aware, the HIPAA Omnibus changes have been in effect for just over two weeks. In the wake of the September 23 compliance deadline, HIPAA compliance should […]

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How to Achieve Security While Helping Care Teams to Communicate More Effectively

There is high demand amongst healthcare providers to use text messaging as a fast, convenient way to communicate and collaborate with colleagues. With a service area spanning more than 20,000 square miles, Community Hospice of […]

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Common Questions on Secure Texting

How is this all secure? The most secure approach for texting is to have many layers of security that protect your health information. Public-Private Key Encryption One of the most important aspects of qliqCONNECT security […]

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5 Essential Considerations when Switching from Pagers to Secure Texting

Pagers, who cares? Aren’t they extinct like those humpback Television sets? Why am I talking about this antiquated communication device in the era of Google Glass? Even though businesses by and large have ditched pagers, […]

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Security “Blues” Play Again for Healthcare

In the wake of a second massive cyber attack and personal information breach by another Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance company, healthcare organizations all over the country are scrambling to put systems in place […]

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5 Steps for Successful Secure Texting

You’ve been leading the charge toward HIPAA-compliant secure texting. Now is the time to plan the steps for a successful implementation. To help you do this, we’ve come up with our top 5 tips to […]

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HIPAA Risk Assessment: Don’t Skip Mobile

Think You Don’t Have a Mobile Provider? Think Again. Your hospital system or eligible provider’s office doesn’t supply mobile devices to its staff or pay for technology solutions like standard mobile data and SMS texting […]

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Best practices in protecting PHI in the Cloud

The recent HIPAA breach reports with CHS and Cedar Sinai are enough to keep healthcare CIOs and Security Officers awake at night.  Such events push healthcare organizations into reactive mode and concerned about their potential […]

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What are the essential requirements of a healthcare secure texting app?

The short answer: security, HIPAA compliance, and usability. At qliqSOFT we are constantly engaging in an open dialogue with industry experts and customers to discover new ways in which qliqCONNECT can help providers send secure […]

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Heartbleed, Internet Explorer Bug and HIPAA Security

Three weeks ago Internet users were notified en masse that a security vulnerability had been discovered in OpenSSL, a widely-used piece of open-source software that helps securely transport information around the web. The so-called Heartbleed […]

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The Concentra HIPAA Breach and Mobile Device Encryption

In a story covered on about HIPAA Breach in Healthcare IT News this week, the HHS Office for Civil Rights settled with two organizations for just under a combined $2 million this week after it […]

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Make 2014 the Year of the Security Risk Assessment

Given what many called a banner year in healthcare data breaches, many industry professionals were happy to bid 2013 adieu. From the massive Advocate data breach to the Affinity Health Plan photocopier breach, healthcare executives […]

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The Role of Communication in a New Healthcare World

“There’s no billing code for email,” a Chicago-based primary care physician friend of mine confided in me a few weeks ago, “but Washington is slowly changing that.” To her first point, my friend is dead […]

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Remote Data Wipe and Lock Software: Critical to Compliance

It has happened to all of us. Whether at home, at the office, or in the back seat of taxi cab, we have all misplaced our phone at one point or another. Luckily, most of […]

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The True Cost of a HIPAA Breach

Another week, another data breach. On September 10th, healthcare behemoth Kaiser Permanente sent out a letter to 670 patients, notifying them that their PHI had been impermissibly emailed out of network. But in light of […]

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OCR, Affinity Health Plan Reach Settlement on Photocopier Breach Case

n a week including several high profile HIPAA breach incidents and settlements, the Department of Health and Human Services announced the biggest one of all: a settlement agreement with Affinity Health Plan stemming from an […]

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HIPAA Omnibus Changes – Just One Week Left

One week. That’s all that remains between now and September 23rd, the date at which the HIPAA Omnibus regulations go into effect. Covered entities under the law should have already completed most of the long […]

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Advocate Data Breach: The $1 Billion Lawsuit?

As covered in our blog last week, Advocate Health Care, a large Chicago-based health system, reported a data breach at one of its subsidiaries in which the theft of four laptops led to over four […]

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Five Essential Considerations in Choosing a Secure Text Messaging Service

It’s crunch time. With just over two weeks until the Sept 23rd HIPAA Omnibus deadline, as the CIO of healthcare provider facility you’ve come to discover that a number of your physician and nurse providers […]

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Advocate Data Breach – Different Year, Same Encryption Problems

In many respects, it has been The Summer of The Data Breach. HHS brought down the hammer on Wellpoint, fining the insurer $1.7 million after discovering the impermissible disclosure of over 600,000 patient records through […]

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The Role of Peer-to-Peer Encryption in the HIPAA Omnibus Era

It’s every compliance officer’s worst nightmare. You’re sitting at your desk on a weekday afternoon, perhaps catching up on the latest posts on the qliqSOFT blog, when all of a sudden your CIO calls you […]

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HIPAA Compliance Webinar – And the Survey Says!…Lack of Risk Assessments

Last week a collection of CIOs and chief compliance officers came together virtually to listen to qliqSOFT’s compliance webinar, “Last Minute HIPAA Omnibus Compliance Tips.” During the session, I presented the new regulations that potentially […]

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OHSU Data Breach: Where Health IT is lacking

n an interesting piece posted over the weekend at The Health Care Blog, Dr. David Do described a recent reported data breach by the Oregon Health & Science University. The event, which was reported to […]

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The HIPAA Audit Program, Part 3

In Part 2 of this three part series, we took a deep look into the preliminary HIPAA Audit findings and observed the most common infractions identified by OCR. Specifically, security gaps accounted for the majority […]

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HIPAA compliance webinar

Waiting until the last minute to comply with the HIPAA Omnibus regulations? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. In an upcoming webinar on August 14th from 1-2 PM EST, I will be going over the most […]

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The HIPAA Audit Program, Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we examined the purpose and general background of the HIPAA Audit Program. In this second part of the series, we will take an in-depth  look into the HIPAA Audit findings to […]

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HIPAA Breach Alert: WellPoint fined $1.7M

In what is believed to be one of the larger HIPAA breach settlements in recent memory, health insurer WellPoint has agreed to settle with HHS for $1.7M stemming from a 2009 and 2010 incident where […]

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The HIPAA Audit Program, Part 1

As many CIOs or Compliance Officers can attest, it’s impossible to attend a healthcare privacy or security conference these days without running into Leon Rodriguez. Rodriguez, the Director of OCR/HHS, gives the same presentation at […]

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Breaches and the HIPAA/HITECH Omnibus Deadline

90 days. That’s all the time healthcare organizations have between now and the September 23 HIPAA Omnibus compliance date. Understandably, most healthcare compliance officers are focusing on the major changes spelled out in the regulations: […]

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Cloud Computing and Conduits

When Congress passed HIPAA back in 1996, the Internet was in its infancy. What we now know today as Google was a mere graduate program research project. “Going online” more often than not required a […]

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Carefully Considering the Risks of a BYOD Policy in Healthcare

“My friend’s company lets her use her phone at work,” a resident tells you. “Find a way to make it work,” mutters your facility administrator while keeping his eyes glued to his iPhone. Whether they […]

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Secure Texting to Facilitate Realtime Health Record Sharing

Of Interest to: Healthcare professionals who visit patients in at home or at a private medical facility, Front Office Staff, Billing Departments/Services.   Problem: It is estimated that doctors in the U.S. leave approximately $125 […]

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All secure messaging solutions are not created equal – Part 2 of 3

In the first part of this series, Secure Texting can be more than just securing messages, we discussed the key features (quick messaging, conversation threads, and required acknowledgement) of a secure messaging application that makes […]

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Secure Texting can be more than just securing messages – Part 1 of 3

In today’s changing healthcare environment, secure and easy communication is critical. Instead of worrying about the risks of HIPAA compliance with SMS texting, secure texting apps are being adopted by more and more providers. These applications […]

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Are smartphones and texting helpful in disasters?

Technology is so pervasive in our society that when a disaster strikes the system failures affect every aspect of our lives; including our ability to receive appropriate medical treatment. Hurricane Sandy is a perfect example […]

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Key considerations for a secure messaging app for smartphones

I have been involved in security and communication for long enough to recognize some inherent challenges associated with secure messaging app for smartphones. Let me start of with the three main considerations – reliable timely […]

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Why risk HIPAA violation for texting, when compliance is free?

HIPAA violations, the bane of Healthcare IT specialists around the country, are a large problem for many doctors, nurses, and healthcare administrators. Physicians find it easy to communicate with texting, but the vulnerability of these […]

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Everyone needs a better communication tool in healthcare

Communication in a medical practice is essential to the patient care, patient satisfaction and productivity of the healthcare personnel. Within all healthcare environments, there should be an active communication between all personnel, not just between […]

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Is SMS HIPAA compliant?

Over the last 4 months I have given close to 200 demos of our secure messaging application, qliqConnect, to a variety of organizations, ranging from solo practices to large health systems… and just about everything […]

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Texting? Weigh your options

For the healthcare professional, texting represents a simple choice between doing either what is immediate but risky, or what is deliberate yet secure. Expressing it any other way is overcomplicating the issue.
 SMS text messaging […]